Our Mission

Ending Homelessness

One Job at a Time

CareerWise commits to ending homelessness one job at a time by walking alongside each homeless client before, during, and after employment. 

Our focus is on the clients that need personalized, one-to-one care where a one-size-fits-all approach is ineffective due to a variety of obstacles, such as a lack of transportation, childcare issues, low self-esteem, and even fear. 

CareerWise engages with clients by going to the places they gather, including, but not limited to, shelters, food banks, orphanages, courtyards, and veterans’ events.  We also strengthen the communities we serve through community outreach and collaboration to include:

•Staff and volunteers of shelters and other homeless relief agencies to extend the reach of case management to include active career development

•Students at universities who obtain life-changing internships that enable us to reach more clients and launch students in service careers with exceptional field experience among disenfranchised groups, such as the homeless population

•Funders and donors to connect them directly to the clients they most wish to liberate from homelessness

•Volunteers to connect them with homeless clients, enabling both parties to thrive on purposeful living

Lorne Caddick
Executive Director