At CareerWise the ultimate goal is for our clients and their families to transition from a state of homelessness to independent living. We accomplish this through the delivery of our Career Lab services and by engaging the communities we serve as part of the solution.


It starts with building a relationship of trust with our homeless clients as we go through the discovery process of identifying their unique circumstances, desires, experience, and skills.  Many of our clients have obstacles that they need to overcome before they can meaningfully engage in career development. 

We train our interns and volunteers on a variety of techniques developed over decades to establish the relationship required to go forward.  During this process, we determine and develop client access to email and the internet, work experience and skills, initial target job, and career goals. 

At CareerWise, we assess career aptitude and readiness through the administration of tests such as the Meyers-Briggs Aptitude Test.  Through these tests, we identify and develop the client's required skills, such as GED, ESL, and computer skills.


After the discovery phase, we are ready to develop the client's resume. CareerWise designs the client's resume, expertly managing the circumstance of being homeless.  It is focused and directly targeted to the job sought by the client. 

The CareerWise resume development process includes techniques for addressing the employment headwinds that homeless clients typical have, such as employment gaps, controversial background information, limited work experience, partial education, and so on.  The CareerWise staff members are experts at helping their clients overcome employment obstacles.

Job Search

We start out by registering our clients with job sites that embrace candidates from the homeless population.  Employers on these sites typically have incentives to hire homeless people and other disadvantaged groups or have previously worked with CareerWise and our homeless job candidates and understand their unique situation.

Our interns and volunteers go through the job site registration process with the client and help them complete it.  Once the candidate is registered, we help them begin their job search. 

At this point, we tailor the resume to the unique aspects of the position listing and assist our clients in completing the job application.  It’s during this phase that we discuss job site transportation requirements and find solutions to any issues. 

CareerWise also helps the client secure adequate clothing and any specially required equipment. We coach our clients on how to manage background issues, such as long gaps in employment history or a felony in the job application.


When clients are exceptionally motivated, we show them how to network in their community to not only get that first job but to identify and create opportunities for advancement.


We actively stay in contact with our clients to assist them in handling issues in the workplace, identifying and pursuing career advancement opportunities, and give them a support network.