Get to know the Career Wise Team


Dana Bianco
President of the Board

Dana’s first connection with CareerWise began many years ago volunteering with the CareerWise Founder, long before the organization had an official home.  She met referred clients at the Fullerton Library to craft resumes and train them on how to access job resources on the Internet.  After retirement, Dana again joined CareerWise as a member of the Board of Directors serving as human resources consultant and she currently serves a President.

As a County of Orange employee Dana initially was an Employee Development Specialist with a government program that placed low-income applicants in jobs that provided training and support services for nine to twelve months.  Successful job performance earned trainees permanent positions within the County.  The program later expanded to the larger orange county business community. 

Dana then spent several years in the human resources training and development division assisting managers and department administrators with their organizational and staff issues.  Dana later served as Recruitment and Training Manager for the Health Care Agency’s 1700 employees. 

During this time Dana has volunteered with Unitarian Universalist Congregation of Fullerton, Planned Parenthood, Pico Elementary School Lunch Reading Program in Santa Ana, and with several volunteer services activities with the County.

Lorne Caddick
Executive Director

The CareerWise board of directors voted unanimously to name Lorne Caddick President and CEO in 2018, citing his vision, operational focus, a successful corporate track record in managing large complex organizations, and a total commitment to the CareerWise mission. 

Lorne leads all CareerWise operations, which includes managing internships with local universities and colleges, establishing and maintaining relationships with shelter and food bank operators, working with government agencies and law enforcement, and managing the delivery of Career Lab services by interns and volunteers. He also leads the strategic planning process for expanding CareerWise services to existing and new locations. 

"I admire the people that have a vision and willingly sacrifice the comfort of fitting in to implement their vision.  The CareerWise founder is such a person, and it is a great honor to work with her"

Before joining CareerWise, Lorne was a member of the Booz Allen Hamilton Senior Leadership Team where he integrated a large, high-growth engineering business into the firm and managed a 650 person engineering workforce located across the country. 

Before his career at Booz Allen Hamilton, Lorne was a Vice President at ARINC for 25 years where he created and ran the ARINC engineering business which was ultimately sold to Booz Allen Hamilton. 

Lorne also has the great fortune of being a US Navy veteran. All of this experience has given him extensive knowledge in management and organizational procedures, making him exceptionally qualified to lead the CareerWise team. 

"Somehow, I survived a 35-year corporate career without being destroyed by it.  Things were tough for some years, but I was able to figure out my priorities by connecting with the universe to achieve clarity of thought by managing negative energy.  I recommend it to everyone!"


Doris Dressler Clark
Board Member

Before serving as President of the original CareerWise Board of Directors in 2013, Doris Dressler-Clark worked for several years with the fledgling, three-member, CareerWise team under the leadership of a dedicated founder. 

Under the leadership of Doris, the Board grew to its ideal complement of 7 community members and pro bono professional advisers. More volunteers and college interns joined the program, and soon a part-time, paid position was added, followed by a fulltime Operations Manager in 2016.

After partnering with her conductor, husband Keith Clark, they founded the Pacific Symphony, the third largest professional orchestra in California. She subsequently served on the Boards of Pathways of Hope, Fullerton’s Homeless Shelter, and the Unitarian Universalist Congregation of Fullerton.   

As a flight attendant for Pan American Airways and Delta Airlines, she still travels the world to benefit from valuable engagements with family, friends, and peoples of diverse cultures.          ‘    

Teri Niebuhr
Community Volunteer

Before joining the CareerWise Board, Teri spent 14 years as the Director of H.I.S. House (Homeless Intervention Shelter House) a transitional living center for families, singles, and couples experiencing housing insecurity.

During her time as the Director, the program grew from one 4700 square foot home housing 40 participants to three homes which accommodate 14. These additional homes are utilized as second step homes which extended a participant’s time in the program from six months to one year. 

It was to Teri’s pleasure and honor to not only work with wonderful, caring case and resident managers, volunteers, and interns but to also witness the transformations. Many times as a result of a CareerWise mentor, adults overcame barriers and gained employment by developing a resume, pre and post-interview skills, computer knowledge, and a one-on-one tutor to obtain a GED. Once employed, case managers mapped out a savings plan with the goal of being permanent housing.

“I admire people who never give up, who see the glass as being half full and quietly press on toward their goal.  I may have unrealistic expectations; however, I believe that anything is possible and with hard work and perseverance one can overcome problems and achieve.”

Teri considers her greatest achievement to be her ability to provide a voice of positivity and encouragement to all of the clients, whether they entered the CareerWise program or interviewed and chose not to participate.

“I learned to listen without bias or judgment and not project my expectations. I invited clients to take from the banquet of services we offered to remove barriers to self-sufficiency.”

Teri Niebuhr.jpg

Linda Chapin
Community Volunteer

Linda has been volunteering at CareerWise for several years.  She enjoys supervising student interns from Cal State Fullerton who prepare resumes and provide related job counseling services for our homeless clients in one of the family homeless shelters in Orange County. 

Linda has been inspired to continue her volunteer efforts because of the real change she has seen in the lives of CareerWise clients.  She firmly believes that a professional, current resume gives the clients confidence, and may lead to a new or better job.

Linda is an estate planning attorney in Orange County, preparing estate plans and assisting trustees in trust management.  She received her B.A. from Stanford and her J.D. from the University of California, Hastings College of the Law.  She also has her MSW from Cal State Long Beach and has worked as a social worker in hospice, foster care, and other settings.

She is excited to be able to use both her legal and social work experience to help in her volunteer work with CareerWise.  In her spare time, Linda enjoys taking classical voice and art lessons, and she has just started learning to play the folk harp.